Possibly there are folks (I suspect everyone) who have some big obstacle in life. Something they feel is holding them back from whatever they aspire to.

As for me, I am deaf (NF2, genetic). Completely so, since about '98. Folks might assume that's an awful obstacle? It can be, but anything can if you let it. It's also the luckiest break I could never have guessed.

So for anyone who thinks their problems are too big and/or scary, I'm here to disprove your theory.

Sure, there are gonna be obstacles, but you can always figure them out. Sometimes you just need a radical shift of perspective. And sure, it might take a few tries to get things working. But not like there's any deadline or anything. Just have fun messing around, messing things up.

For instance, there's a distinct possibility that my music just sounds horrible. That's totally fine, not important. Like when kids (very serious-minded-ly) make mud pies. The important thing isn't the product, nor even the process! It's just that you're really playing hard.

Hope that's helpful to somebody out there!


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